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Bellflower Feces Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup Information



CASH (call for clarification)


Feces Cleanup - Service Charge is $250 and covers up to one hour of labor.

Toilet Feces Cleanout (similar to above toilet) - $350


bellflower-sewage-cleanup_information_mm_spacer.gif Differences between feces cleanup and sewage cleanup.

  1. Feces cleanup means to remove feces not part of a water discharge. Human, dog, cat, rat, mice, bird, and wild animal feces cleanup is different than sewage cleanup. 
  2. Sewage cleanup means removal of heavily soiled water as well as lesser degrees of water soiling.
  3. I'm Eddie Evans and I've worked in the biohazard cleanup field for about 16 years. Below I give more information related to my services and sewage in general. Both feces and sewage cleanup qualify as infectious waste cleanup and not biohazard cleanup.


Call now for sewage removal help.

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bellflower-sewage-cleanup_information_mm_spacer.gif bellflower-sewage-cleanup_information_mm_spacer.gif

I'm Eddie Evans and this Bellflower sewage cleanup web site offers information about my sewage cleanup services. I offer affordable cleaning prices and guarantee my work.

Sewage cleanup may include any one of three categories of water cleanup as well as raw sewage. Here's a short list of water cleanup categories:

Prices - Feces Cleanup (CASH)

A fee of $250 for feces cleanup, which includes up to one hour of labor. "Up to one hour of labor" does not mean that I must work up to one hour, the means that I may work up to one hour. This is a courtesy.


Prices - Toilet Sewage Cleanout

$350 cash payment for one toilet. In the case of more than one toilet I will consider reducing the price. It depends on the conditions. Anytime that I must remove feces from a building I must charge much more. The feces must be bag, it must be specially treated, and then specially disposed of in a landfill. It is always best when the toilet sanitary sewer system works.


  • Distance to worksite
  • Parking
  • Working toilets?
  • Running water?
  • Electricity?
  • Workspace available?
  • Pets in the residence during cleaning?
  • Mentally ill in the residence during cleaning?
  • Time of day?
  • Carpet removal?

Conditions become important when judging the hour fee for feces cleanup beyond the first hour. If I must work in tight conditions with little ventilation, or walk a long distance to the work site, or deal with pets, for example, then I may need to charge more per hour than $40 per hour for feces cleanup.

I charge $250 for feces cleanup service call. I include up to one hour labor as a courtesy for this feces cleanup service. After one hour I will consider whether or not to charge for additional labor.

Anytime that I work beyond 20 minutes after one hour I will be charging for an additional hour. An additional feces cleanup charge by the hour ranges from $40-$60 depending on overall conditions. You can read about conditions below.

Feces cleanup services are for human feces, dog, cat, bird, rat, mice (mouse), and wild nature, poop, skat, and so on.

Callers for human feces cleanup are most often family members calling for up parent or sibling experiencing health issues, or businesses in need of feces contamination to the property.

In the case of families, an individual has lost momentary control of their bowels or is suffering a debilitating illness and loses control of their bowels repeatedly. Cleaning may entail a simple bathroom cleanup or a trail of feces from a bedroom to a toilet or otherwise.

In the case of a business call, feces is usually deposited by a homeless person for whatever reason and it can speak he was place. The business must have the feces remove pronto. In such cases I've remove the feces within moments.


Toilet Sewage Cleanup

What sort of sewage cleanup might requires services found on this web page?

Let's begin with toilet sewage cleanup.

Feces cleanup, that's what a Bellflower sewage cleanup job amouts too; it's usually the very first reason that we call for someone to help. Yes, there's the water flowing throught the bathroom to the hallway, soaking carpet and more. Maybe it's made its way underneith the house, in which the house sit upon a raised foundation. Below, water dries out on its own, but with feces in the sewage mix, only a "sewage cleanup" will get the feces out from under the house.

So, who do you call?

Oftentimes people call a large Bellflower water damage restoration company, or a large sewage cleanup company, both franchised opperations. They hire employees, dispatch expensive trucks, place fans in rooms, whether or not the rooms need drying. They even send someone underneith the house for the actual sewage cleanout.

Blackwater Discharge

So do you really need to have someone come over to your house or apartment building and cleanout the water in feces? You know already if there's feces in the water that you probably don't want to clean it up. Rather pay somebody to do it for you. And that's how my business continues to exist, by supplying the feces cleanup service for people who have had a sewage cleanup problem presented itself.

When this feces involved, were talking about what we call a "category three" water discharge within a residence or other type of building. Doesn't matter if it's residential, business, or industrial, there's poop in it, human feces, and it's a feces cleanup job at least.

This type of sewage harbors all sorts of pathogens, germs. This is the worst classification and it serves as the most gross, short of a biohazard cleanup task. It can cause illness and death if ingested. It's known as "Blackwater" in the Blackwater discharge must be cleaned up as soon as possible. We not cleaned up, it dries out and it leaves a terrible stench in many cases.

Gray Water Discharge

If a property suffers a category two water discharge in its premises, then we would refer to the water and its contents as "graywater." In this case the density of contaminating elements would be far fewer than in a category three. Still, graywater discharge may cause illness in some cases. In the elderly and very young, infants, is always a hazard of illness and disease because of their weakened immune systems. With that said, there's nothing stopping a family or other inhabitants of a home from cleaning up their own graywater discharge. Consider that graywater discharges are usually dishwater or washing machine overflows.

Also in flushing out a sink drain to overcome a stopped up pipe we might also suffer a graywater discharge. A toilet overflow with some urine in it but no feces may also qualifies graywater and not Blackwater. The remember, anytime there's feces in a toilet water discharge, it is Blackwater and must be treated as a health hazard.

Category One Water Discharge.

It category one water discharge is not referred to in the context of a color.

Most definitely there's nothing stopping a family or business owner from cleaning up a category one water discharge. We would call this water "freshwater" in most situations. It comes out of the garden hose or kitchen faucet. Yes it has some pathogens in it, but their density is so low that the not medical hazards. At least not problems for most of us.


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My feces cleanup service charge includes up to one hour of labor, and by this I mean that I will work for up to one hour. If work must go beyond one hour, I may consider an additional hourly charge, but often times if I can complete the task within 10 to 15 minutes, or even up to 20 minutes beyond one hour, I may ignore the additional time. But, this will depend on overall working conditions and distance to the worksite.

Please note, if I complete the feces cleanup task in less than one hour, say it takes two minutes, this does not entitle customers to a discount. My service charge is still $250.

I charge $350 for one toilet cleanout. If a house or other type of building needs more than one toilet cleanout, I will reduce the cost for the second cleanup so that the constitute toilet cleanout's will range between 500 and $600 in most cases. However, this depends on whether or not either one or both toilets will have a working sewer system once cleaned out. See my conditions below for more on this matter.

Please do not confuse my feces cleanup service with my sewage cleanup service. They are very different and I charge different rates for

I generally expect cash payment, but will consider check payment in some cases. In the case of management companies I have often accepted their word to make good on sending a check. In the case of sewage cleanup, it may be difficult for customers to pay by cash so I accept checks. I also will work with homeowners insurance.

Cleaning related to one or more toilets and overflow. Please call any time.